Risk culture plays a pivotal role in influencing how your staff make decisions and strong risk culture doesn’t happen by chance. You need a strategy to make it happen.

BankersLab_Logo-R-smallerid/x partners works with BankersLab® to deliver innovative, strategic learning across the banking industry to improve financial and customer outcomes. BankersLab off­ers a suite of simulation-based consumer lending training products. Each of our multi-day courses is run in a classroom setting and transforms the learner into a player. During the course, teams have to demonstrate expertise in specific areas such as managing retail portfolios, optimizing delinquent collections or using credit scores – with the aim of operating the most profitable virtual bank. By playing a Lab simulation game, learners can gain decades of additional “experience” in a virtual setting.

BankersLab training products are designed to suit all levels of experience, from entry through to senior management. Clients can select a variety of courses depending on their individual needs: