Customer Acquisition

Data Integration

Customer database are good only if they are accurate and valid. As much as it sounds very basic and simple, the fact that most companies do not have their database updated frequently and cross-checked with other sources regularly says it all, that it is easier said than done.

An inaccurate and invalid customer data will create some serious problems to company wanting to have a relationship with its customer. Not only do they know whether the customer still exists, they may not even know whether he or she exists more than once in the database. Duplication of communication generated by the company will create questions on the seriousness and professionalism of the company in the mind of their customers.

id/x partners can help clients solving these issues with its Customer Data Integration (CDI) capability. Our access to reliable external databases allows for de-duplication, validation, and enhancement of client’s database and therefore improves the validity and accuracy of client’s database.

id/x partners’ expertise in data mining and front-end system development can ensure that duplication does not exist and the right information is available at the finger tip of the front-liners.

Credit Score

New customer acquisition growth is a priority in almost any lines of businesses. On the other hand, every business also realizes that not all of their customers generate profit for the business, and in fact, in some cases some ‘un-healthy’ segments of the customers actually bring the profit down for the company due to irresponsible behaviors such as delinquent and bad debt.

There are two things a business wants to achieve:  

  1. To keep their profitable customers, and
  2. To turn the ‘not-so-profitable’ ones to become profitable.

The above will guarantee a sustainable healthy portfolio growth for the business. The first step in making sure of it is by acquiring only the potentially good and profitable customers.

Credit score is a front-end system in account origination process which filters potentially bad customers. The tool essentially helps to refine customer acquisition strategy by targeting the right prospects and applying risk-based pricing.

Having credit score enables the company to evaluate customer credit-worthiness at the point of initial interaction. The end result is the ability to optimize risk and reward equation while at the same time reducing operating cost and increasing company’s productivity.

Application of credit scoring has been widely used by credit lenders, insurance companies, and telecommunication providers.