Information Management

Data is a valuable asset to an organization. Properly and effectively manage the information throughout its lifecycle: data acquisition, integration, to distribution – to maximize the value of your data and keep it secured from internal/external threat.

Big Data

At current technology advances, high-volume, high-velocity and high-variety information assets demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing. Our experts ensure the delivery of trusted information across an organization that supports pervasive deployment of analytics with improved IT economics.

Risk Analytics

With the capability of identifying which customers will turn ‘bad’ in the future, id/x partners together with the business can develop proactive strategy to reduce the potential loss before the customers actually become bad. Risk-prediction in all credit cycles (acquisition, management, collection and recovery) ensures optimal portfolio growth for your business

Consumer Credit

Risk culture plays a pivotal role in influencing how your staff make decisions and strong risk culture doesn’t happen by chance. You need a strategy to make it happen. Contact us to deliver innovative, strategic learning across the banking industry to improve financial and customer outcomes

Decision Support

We help clients formulate the business case and requirements support business or organizational decision-making activities. Our diverse decision support systems range from scoring/rating engine to complex business rule management solution

Customer Relationship Management

Maximize your customer interactions with intelligent analytics at its core. Equip your CRM strategy with holistic approach: next-based product analytics, customer profitability, customer life-cycle, campaign management and sales automation

About us

id/x partners was established in 2002 by ex-bankers and management consultants who have vast experiences in credit cycle and process management, scoring development, and performance management. Our combined experience has served corporations across Asia and Australia regions and in multiple industries, specifically financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing and retail.

id/x partners provides consulting services that specializes in utilizing data mining solutions combined with an integrated risk management and marketing discipline to help clients optimize the portfolio profitability and business process.

Comprehensive consulting service and technology solutions offered by id/x partners makes it as a one-stop service provider.

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