Database management and data-warehousing

The business environment has become instantaneous. Users need very rapid access to more insights and they cannot afford to wait—else they lose a competitive edge. For IT organizations, this means delivery of relevant, timely insights faster than ever before.

Our industry-specific solutions are to help you extend and evolve your data warehouse investment so that your organization can discover deeper insights at a lower total cost of ownership. Designed to make the most of your existing solutions, our integrated solutions help you quickly add next-generation database technology, appliances and more to meet today’s needs.

Our objective is to provide clear starting points that you can leverage to redesign your architecture. Alternative delivery models—including software, appliances, cloud options— help drive faster time to value. As a pioneer in infusing cognitive capabilities into its data warehouse strategy, id/x and our technology partner can help you meet the needs of today and position for the future.

Good customers portfolio starts with good acquisition strategy. id/x partners has an excellent expertise in developing credit/risk scoring system that can help client acquire only the profitable and the “potentially” profitable customers.

In lending/financial services, customers’ characters are the most important element to a profitable life-time relationship. Credit scoring can particularly help clients predict the character of each customer at the acquisition stage.

Our data mining expertise is the heart of our CRM approach to solve clients business needs. Our work in retaining customers starts with developing the behavior scoring system to identify the real profitable customers. The next level of behavior scoring system works effectively to anticipate customers attrition or churning. These scoring systems will enable clients to develop the appropriate customer strategy to retain the profitable customers, and to do more of cross-sell and up-sell to the profitable customers. In addition to that, our response model will help clients develop offer the customer is likely to take up. This will allows clients to significantly save a huge amount of marketing budget.

Unlike in the old days when collection was seen merely as collection, in today’s competitive market, collection must be seen as a remedial action. Some of Collection’s customers are actually curable and are in the stage where they can easily bounce back. With its expertise in scoring system development, id/x partners can help clients identify the level of seriousness of a customer’s situation and allow businesses to execute the most appropriate collection action to a particular customer.

Know your customer

Customer analytics helps organizations increase the value they generate for their customers, partners and shareholders. It helps them better integrate and more effectively manage their value chain and processes by taking real-time actions. Learn how companies are leveraging advanced analytics to obtain a rich and consolidated view of their customers, enabling them to determine the next best action to optimize customer interaction.

Transform financial processes

Help organizations implement advanced capabilities such as rolling plan, forecast and budget, and automate financial close processes to gain visibility, insight and control. Learn how CFOs and their teams are using advanced analytics to measure, report, plan, and forecast to drive profitability across the entire value chains.

Manage risk

Risk management is a critical differentiator that drives business performance and better outcomes. It helps protect your brand, provides a framework for implementing enterprise-wide governance policies, ensures regulatory compliance, and increases revenue through improved risk-aware decision making such as unexpected financial damage, credit risks, regulatory risks, operational cost fluctuations, and brand damage. Better manage risk and make risk-aware business decisions.

Optimize operations

Gain the insight you need to become a more agile organization that is able to anticipate and respond to changes, better align operations with demand, and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Analyze big data

Ensure the delivery of trusted information across an organization that supports pervasive deployment of analytics with improved IT economics. Learn how you can build an information management platform that enables you to address your biggest challenges and opportunities by integrating, aligning, simplifying and analyzing your information so you can turn your information into actionable insight. New skills are needed to fully harness the power of big data. Though courses are being offered to prepare a new generation of big data experts, it will take some time to get them into the workforce. Meanwhile, leading organizations are developing new roles, focusing on key challenges and creating new business models to gain the most from big data.

Data security

Custom security solutions to help protect your data against internal and external threats, and ensure the right people have access to the right information

We help clients formulate the business case and requirements based on internal needs and best-practices for IT process and solutions. We recommend the best solutions based on the needs – either with external vendors (including our IT business partners) or our own in-house system. Having deep experiences in both worlds, users and IT/IS, gives us competitive advantage of smoothly bridging what user needs and technical delivery and ensuring successful implementation.